Building reference leaks
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He Leaks
He leaks are typically used as calibrators in mass spectrometers leak detector.
We build new reference leaks with restrictions based in permeation elements or crimped capillary.
The leak rate can be adjusted virtually for any value between 10-8 mbar L/s an 10-4 mbar L/s (± 20 %).
We always include a valve for refilling and usually a gauge for pressure control.

Fugas de outros gases
Reference leaks of other gases

We also build leaks with R134a ou R404 to test refrigerant leak detectors or to define quality criteria.

Repairing and refilling

We can replace clogged or damaged restrictions in leaks with or without reservoir.

Assembling leaks in production parts
We design and build leaks assembled in production parts for quality control and testing validation. These leaks can normally be fitted in any part, allowing monitoring the process quality.

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