Calibration of reference leaks

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Helium leaks

We perform the calibration of helium reference leaks used in mass spectrometer leak detectors.

We have a set of high stability capillary leaks as standards. Comparison is done by an Adixen ASM142D leak detector.

We follow the procedure described in EN 13192, methods A and B.

Calibration range is 10-8 mbar L/s to 10-5 mbar L/s (10-7 Pa m3/s to 10-4 Pa m3/s).

For best uncertainty, check

Leaks with other gases

We calibrate leaks of any gas with delivery to atmosphere. We follow EN 13192 method C.
The range is 10-6 mbar L/s to 10-4 mbar L/s (10-5 Pa m3/s to 10-5 Pa m3/s).

For larger leaks we use the method V∆p.

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