Calibration of vacuum gauges

Calibration of vacuum gauges in the range 10-6 mbar to 1100 mbar
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Calibrations at METROVAC are performed accordingly ISO 3567 and guide DKD-R 6-2. Calibration is done by comparison with the following references:
  • Baratron 1000 torr;
  • Baratron 1 torr;
  • Rotor gauge.
We are able to calibrate the following gauges:
  • Thermal conductivity gauges (Pirani’s, thermocouples…)
  • Piezoelectric gauges;
  • Mechanical gauges ( Bourdons or other);
  • Capacitive diaphragm gauges;
  • Pennings;
  • Ionisation gauges (Bayard-Alpert or others).
These calibrations can only be performed in our laboratory, as required by the ISO 3567.